Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule (Blooming G) by 30's

Borage Oil 500 mg Capsule (Blooming G) by 30's

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Borage oil is an excellent source of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid. Low intake of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) can result into several health related issues. As borage oil is an essential source of GLA, taking borage oil nutritional supplement with regular diet can be beneficial in helping the body maintain optimum levels of GLA and perform its normal functions.
  1. Menopausal symptoms and other female problems
  • Blooming-G aids in the prevention and treatment of menopausal  symptom and other female medical conditions like premenstrual symptoms (PMS), female infertility, endometriosis, hot flash, cramping during ovulation, breast tenderness, and mood swings.
    1. Skin care
    • Borage oil benefits are numerous in the field of skin care. When taken as a dietary supplement, Blooming-G reduces skin aging, dryness and roughness of the skin and it also works as a curative for psoriasis.
    Direction for use:
    Adult: 1-2 capsules daily after meal or as recommended by a health practitioner.
    Consult a healthcare professional before taking this product.
    It is contraindicated to patients taking blood-thinning medicines like aspirin, etc.
                Borage oil 500mg capsule- Box of 30’s (in blister pack by 10’s)
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